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Advice on entering a market segment or country; obtaining the right guidance on the suppliers needed for a project; setting up a complete new project with the advice on factory build, machinery purchase, installation and manufacturing expertise.
Thermoforming Solutions Ltd has the experience and knowledge to make it happen.


Our consultations on product development have produced a variety of new items for the market and we are keen to help any company that believes they have the product but do not know where or how to have it manufactured.


After many years in the European, USA, Indian and Middle Eastern markets, we have the information to help the majority of companies achieve their goals. We, in co-operation with our partners, are able to offer expert advice on a variety of areas involving thermoforming.


Innovative solutions to bring knowledge to the market from a variety of sources, with the common factor of Thermoforming Solutions being the centre of the activities. In the sale or purchase of equipment, Thermoforming Solutions can offer help and can guide the customer through the tricky problems that can and do occur in these transactions.

Thermoforming Solutions for Plastic Machinery


Thermoforming Solutions is working in conjunction with Plastics Machinery Group and have set up a company called Plastics Machinery Group International Ltd that sells and buys all types of plastics machinery. [More]

Plastics Industry Consultancy, Project Management, Product Development

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SOLON, OHIO - Plastics Machinery Group LLC, the parent of Solon-based machinery dealers Stopol Thermoforming and Stopol Extrusion, is establishing a company in the United Kingdom, headed by Ken Braney. [More]

Business Disposals, Contract Management


Ken Braney, who is Managing Director of Thermoforming Solutions Ltd has had a very successful career in a variety of countries. His intial career was based in the plastics industry in the UK, then expanding into Europe and then moved to start up a German based company's operation in the USA. Since his return in the early 1990's he has been responsible for activities across Europe, The Middle East and India. He worked in the capacity of Director for these territories for a USA based thermoforming machinery manufacturer, so he has sampled and worked in the industry in a multitude of countries and cultures. [More]

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